N.J. PleinAir Painters, njpap

We are a local painting group  -NJPAP for short-  a loosely organized gathering of artists (100 strong) that sketch and paint in various media – watercolor, oils, pastel and acrylics. The common bond between us is the JOY of getting out of our stuffy studios to paint in the natural elements, outdoors.  We have no fees, no formal meetings….but sometimes have a grand start to the year, or an event in the fall to show off our artworks done thru the year.

From our local towns to shore points, arboretums, parks and wilderness areas….we go out each week with old friends and new that share this same passion; the love of creating something under the open sky.  Our roster of artists include professionals that ‘still’ work, homebodies, national and local show winners, art-instructors and nomad-artists that travel to the next best plein-air locale, using all media.

Our group has a FaceBook page. And we use EVITE, an easy and free app, to send weekly paint-out notices; its’ also a transparent communications vehicle….a good way to ‘connect’, see who can make it, and stay in touch for these paint-outs.  (you don’t have to create an account or to give any private information….you only need to sign up to use it!)

Lets get our plein-air equipment ready, grab your hat, sunscreen, bug spray and water….and hope to see you out there.

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece!

Olya Powzaniuk, psnj